Newest Properties Available in Clearwater Beach FL

Clearwater Beach, FL: Clearwater Beach Homes for Sale

We pride ourselves on being part and parcel of Clearwater Beach community; in fact, we are Clearwater at heart and in the soul. A few places in the US can convince even the most grounded person to pack up and move. One such place is Clearwater Beach in Florida. Affronted by the spectacular Gulf-facing Island, Clearwater Beach is poised to have one of the most pristine white sand beaches and lush environment to go with it.

Nothing says Clearwater than waterfront homes glimmering in the reflection of turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. For those looking to buy vacation homes or permanent houses to enjoy the best Florida has to offer, Clearwater Beach is a slice of heaven. What is all the fuss about Clearwater Beach?

Beach, Beach, Beach… 

Nothing wows residents like the sugar-white sand beaches of Clearwater. The meandering stretch of the beach is so popular that everyone is trooping here to get a piece of the fun. Beachcombers, skateboarders, tourists, and entrepreneurs, you name them.

From beach bonanza, spectacular nature to adult time programs and everything in between, Clearwater beaches have something for everyone. Enjoy morning strolls on the beach with your family or friends. Go for a swim, snorkel, dive, build sand structures, and bask in the radiant Florida sun, Clearwater Beach is at the forefront of family-oriented living. And that isn’t all.

Central Location

Clearwater Beach real estate is popular among lovers of outdoors or water sports primarily because of its central location. That is to St. Petersburg and Tampa. It’s also just an hour drive to major attractions like Sea World and Disney World. With homes overlooking the spectacular Gulf of Mexico and proximity to all things fun, there nothing to hate about Clearwater Beach, FL.

Mixed Demographic

Clearwater Beach is truly a rainbow nation. Here, the demography cut across racial, ethnic, gender, class, and nationality divide. Besides, it attracts full and part-time retirees, residents, Northerners, and families seeking one thing: world-class living.

Unmatched Facilities

Top-notch facilities found in Clearwater Beach are not only accessible but also affordable. Beachfront restaurants of myriad tastes offer the world to the table. Schools, both public and private, are top performers thanks to modern infrastructure and education system. Clearwater area embodies what is notable about Florida healthcare. The transport system in Clearwater Beach is commendable. With a regular bus and train connection with the major US cities, getting in and around Clearwater is easy.

Low Crime Rates

With one of the lowest crime rates in Florida, your safety and that of your beloved family is intact in Clearwater Beach, Florida.